If your once lush garden is looking dull and dead, it’s easy to add pops of life and color with vibrant, winter blooming botanicals. We often hear: ‘Annuals or perennials?’ Well…why not both? Pick a few of your favorite perennials specific to the area, which will return every year, to be the foundation of your garden landscape.  You can group them strategically for variation of height and color or use them to create a needed boundary. Obviously you can change them out whenever you choose, but what’s fantastic about perennials is that you don’t have to.  Next, choose a few areas throughout the garden to plant fresh annuals in the spaces that provide the best sun and soil conditions. Taking the time to plant pockets of bright new flowers each year will ensure that your garden is never boring, but a beautiful, lively environment even during the dormant days of Winter. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with different botanicals and the types of care they need.  Our favorite botanicals for Winter color in the South are Lenton Rose, Ornamental Cabbage, Snow Drop, Crocus, Violets, Hellebores, Pansies, and Winterberry.