Summer is right around the corner! What can make having a swimming pool even better? Knowing that your bathroom, extra towels or some snacks are just a few feet away in your pool house. Pool houses have many wonderful uses, but their most needed provision is a kitchen, restroom and changing area for swimmers. Because a pool house is a big investment it is critical that the initial planning and design is done correctly. A great architect will know how to plan the perfect custom pool house design for your family’s needs and lifestyle.

If you are planning on entertaining, you can always add an outdoor kitchen and a covered porch, with cushioned seating to make the area more homey and inviting. There is a lot to consider when planning your first pool house and there are hundreds of new and exciting ways to create the perfect space. After finding the right architect to design your pool house there are several important topics to consider while planning:


Pool House Design

1. Make Sure Your Pool House Construction is Legal

Usually, a new building has to be a set number of feet away from the house, pool and the neighbors property line. A seasoned architect knows it’s important to  check the building codes of your county or city, so you aren’t breaking any laws and following best guidelines for safety. Having to tear down a structure and start over is the last thing you want.

2. Plan a Design that Blends with your Home

Your pool house design doesn’t need to perfectly match your home, but it should look integrated with the current surroundings. Keep your homes style and constructed material  in mind when you are planning the design for your pool house. Even if your new pool house design plan doesn’t mirror the home perfectly, the design should complement the architecture of your residence for a pleasing effect.

Pool House Design3. Consider Privacy for Pool House Guests

The most coveted pool house designs are the ones that offer lots of privacy from the peering eyes. Provide multiple bedrooms or changing areas, so that guests can change into their swimsuits closer to the pool, and keep a change of clothes nearby. Keep the pool house as private as possible. You can always add extra blinds, frosted windows, or a privacy screen.

4. Keep Your Home Free from Puddles

Traveling back and forth between the house and the pool, means you run the inevitable risk of tracking water inside. This can be bad for your floor, cause slips and a hassle to think about cleaning. Keep drinks and snacks easily accessible in the pool house kitchen. You also may want to add a small restroom to your pool house design for the same reason.  

5. Plan for Plenty of Storage

Inground swimming pools come with endless accessories, chemicals and clutter,and it has a tendency to accumulate over time. A clean and organized area is important and it’s critical to include storage during the initial pool house design. A good design will include an area for pool toys, floats, chemicals and a place to store accessories during the winter. Storage rooms should include lots of shelving and cabinets with ample space. If additional space is needed furniture which is also functional such as storage benches can be used to hide away cushions .

Pool House Design6. Design your Pool House with Lots of Space for Entertaining

A fabulous dinner party by the pool will make your pool house a favorite spot for gathering.  Parties are half the fun of having a pool house so make sure your designer includes the necessary details: lots of space for dining, comfortable  conversation areas and a kitchen placed close by allowing the cook to enjoy the company while preparing the meal. Most pool houses are furnished with comfortable seating, cocktail and coffee tables and a bar so that you’re always ready for a fiesta on short notice.

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