A cozy outdoor fireplace is a perfect accompaniment to the changing of leaves and the crisp air that engulfs us as the autumn season arrives. Outdoor fireplaces are a perfect way to enjoy your yard and the comforts of home while basking in the beauty and serenity of autumn. Outdoor living spaces can greatly enhance your property and your quality of life.

Outdoor Fireplace & Covered Porch

Take a moment to imagine drinking hot cider or hot chocolate as the warmth of a fireplace envelops your outdoor living space. The smell of s’mores, the laughter of your loved ones and the unmistakable sound of a crackling fire are the things that make the autumn season so special.

Placing a fireplace in your overall landscape design may seem like a complicated task. However, the proper management of such a project will ensure that everything runs smoothly until the fireplace is constructed. When you choose to build an outdoor fireplace there are several factors that should be taken into consideration.

Outdoor Fireplace Considerations

The first factor to consider is deciding whether you want a fireplace or a fire pit and the placement of it in your landscape.   Will the fireplace be a part of an existing patio? Will it be a standalone unit? Do you desire to integrate the new fireplace into your existing landscape? How large do you want your fireplace to be?

The most important factor you must take into consideration is safety. Your fireplace should be built in compliance with local codes and laws. In addition, the fireplace must be built a safe distance away from trees or other structures so that fires can be prevented.

Regardless of the choice, you make there are several advantages associated with installing a fireplace. These advantages are as follows:

Outdoor FireplaceFamily Gatherings

Quality-time around an outdoor fireplace is, by far, one the most attractive reasons to get an outdoor fireplace. Such an addition will provide your family with endless memories of a cozy fire and conversations.


The addition of a fireplace on the outside of your home will extend the amount of time you can spend outside throughout the year even during the colder months.


If you like to entertain a fireplace is ideal for outdoor gatherings particularly in the fall months. A fireplace provides a perfect backdrop for intimate gatherings and family functions throughout the fall and winter months.

Increased Property Value

Any addition to the outdoor space of your home can result in an increase in the property value of your home. A fireplace, in particular, is attractive to potential buyers because it allows them to enjoy the outdoors in a unique way during the colder seasons of the year.

Outdoor FireplaceAmbiance

Nothing compares to the ambiance created by a fireplace. The glow and warmth that emanates from a fireplace creates a feeling of ease that cannot be duplicated.


Safety is of the utmost importance when building a fireplace. A built-in fireplace provides an abundance of safety because it cannot be knocked over. In addition, the walls of a built-in fireplace allow the fire to be contained in a way that is not possible with a fire pit. Installing a gas fireplace will also ensure that you have a substantial amount of control over the fire.

Coogans Design Build will design the perfect fireplace for your backyard. Whether you choose a wood burning, natural gas, or charcoal fireplace, Coogans Design Build uses the highest quality materials to enhance the beauty of your home. Our commitment to safety is unparalleled.  We will inspect the area to ensure the fireplace is constructed in a safe place at an appropriate distance away from your home.

View some of the fireplaces we’ve designed and built or contact us today if you are in the market to add a fireplace to your outdoor living area.