Outdoor fireplaces are hot right now. You already know why they are so attractive, but a closer look reveals benefits you may not have considered.

Outdoor Fireplace1. Outdoor vs Indoor Fireplaces

A crackling fire indoors is nice, but after a while you’ll find that your house reeks of smoke. Outdoor fireplaces eliminate the issue of unwanted odors in your home.

2. Indoor Fireplaces are Toxic

According to SamHarris.org, burning wood in your indoor fireplace releases carcinogens 30 times more potent than cigarette smoke.

Children who live in homes with active fireplaces or woodstoves, or in areas where wood burning is common, suffer a higher incidence of asthma, cough, bronchitis, nocturnal awakening, and compromised lung function. Among adults, wood burning is associated with more-frequent emergency room visits and hospital admissions for respiratory illness, along with increased mortality from heart attacks.

In order to avoid serious health concerns, it is best to keep fire outside.

3. Utilize the Space in Your Yard

How often do you use your yard? Many people are very active in their yards during the spring and summer, but don’t like to be outdoors when it cools off. Adding an outdoor fireplace will allow you to make use of more of your property, even in cooler seasons.

Outdoor Fireplace & Covered Porch4. They Call It “Nature’s Television” for a Reason

Something about sitting around the fire with your family or friends is very calming. Whether you are roasting marshmallows or watching the glowing embers, fire draws people to observe. Conversation seems to flow freely with crackling in the background.

5. Add Value to Your Home

According to NAHB, homes with an added outdoor fireplace have an increased value of $10,000.


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