If you’re dreaming of a new outdoor living space it’s important to not only hire the right professional but to also communicate exactly what you expect for a fabulous end result. There are six important steps to achieving the perfect outdoor livng space that cannot be ignored:

1. Hire an amazing architect or designer. This means you must take time to interview multiple people, look at their past projects and be sure you are comfortable working with them. Good communication is the most important factor in a successful designer-client relationship. You need to feel the person you hire is excited about your project, genuinely listens to you and truly understands what you are dreaming of.

2. Clearly communicate your wants. A landscape architect or designer won’t know much about your leisure habits and interests in the beginning. If your faimly activities are always centered around grilling or food then an outdoor fireplace shouldn’t be positioned where an outdoor kitchen would better serve your needs. It’s important to express your expectations, what you like or don’t like, as well as the functional, aesthetic and emotional aspects of your project.

3. Consider your long term needs. Do you expect your lifestyle to change much in the next few years? Will this project accomodate these changes? Will the kids outdoor pool area need to become an area for adult gatherings?

4. Collect images from the internet and magazines of outdoor living areas you love or of looks you want to avoid. Share these ideas with your landscape architect and make sure you’re not just attracted to the furniture and imbellishments.

5. Listen to your designer’s suggestions. He or she will probably be able to filter your ‘wants’ through professional experience to troubleshoot and present something even better than you had in mind.

6. Participate fully in every step of the planning and design process. You are the only one who truly knows exactly what you love and how you want your new outdoor environment to look. Your designer is there to guide and assist you in creating the optimum space for your budget and location.

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