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So you finally have a pool, but when it comes to maintenance, you’re lost? Don’t worry, this guide will go over everything you need to know to keep your pool sparkling and fresh! Here are the 8 essentials of maintaining your swimming pool:

1. Skimmer Boxes
The skimmer boxes installed on your pool will catch the majority of floating debris. They should be emptied about once per week, depending on the need. Make sure the contents are dumped far from the pool so they do not blow back in.

2. Skimming
Use a telescope pole with a net to capture the remaining debris. Direct the jets in your pool downwards; the ripples may keep you from seeing clearly. Although the skimmer boxes will do most of the work, they will not always catch everything. An alternative to manually skimming is to purchase an automatic pool cleaner.

3. Vacuuming
In order to keep your water clear, remove sediment, and avoid stains, you should vacuum your pool about once per week. For a full guide on vacuuming your pool, visit the full guide here.

4. Brushing
Brush the walls of the pool using your pole and an 18” nylon brush. For concrete pools, use a stainless steel brush. When brushing your pool, make sure you scrub the oils that have built up over the waterline.

5. Adjust the pH
Test your pool’s pH weekly using a test kit. If the pH is above 7.6, treat it with muriatic acid. If the pH is below 7.4, use soda ash.

6. Shock
If chlorine is less than 1ppm or alkalinity is less than 90ppm, shock the water. Click here for an extensive guide on shocking your pool.

7. Clean Your Pool’s Filter
Your pump basket should be cleaned weekly. In order to do this, make sure your pump is turned off, the ball valves are in the off position, and the filter valve is in the closed position. Remove the basket from your pump. Dump and hose the basket. Once the basket is cleaned, put the basket back in the pump, put the lid back on, and return your valves back to their original orientations.

8.  Adjust the Water Level
If the water level in your pool is too high, the skimmers may not be able to properly skim the water. If the water level is too low, the pumps may start drawing air, causing damage to the circulation system. The minimum water level in your pool should be half way up the skimmer opening. You add water to your pool using a garden hose or a fresh water fill line.