Hello, Spring! We’ve missed you. Now it’s time to prepare for warmer weather and start checking things off a Spring Checklist.

Vegetable GardenVegetables Gardens

Start planning an herb and vegetable garden now. When there is no threat of frost, but it is still cool outside, start planting your transplants of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, kale, turnips, and radishes.


Rose GardenRoses

You can plant bare-root roses early to mid-March. Prune roses already in your garden, and take any damaged or dead canes now. Feed, water, and mulch your roses as well. Rose bushes are timeless and can be incorporated into any landscape design.



Prune early-flowering shrubs once they have finished blooming. If you wait until summer to prune these plants, they will not bloom next year.




If you have warm season lawns, such as Bermuda grass, wait to fertilize until the grass has turned green. If you have a centipede problem, use a product that contains iron and is especially formulated for that type of grass. If you have cool season lawns, they start to grow rapidly this time of year. Feed with a slow-release, high-nitrogen fertilizer such as 29-3-4 or 31-2-4.


House PlantsHouseplants

As the weather gets warmer, your plants will come out of dormancy and require more water, food, and attention. Once there is absolutely no chance of frost, you can bring some of your more hearty houseplants outside to soak up the sun.