Our happiest childhood memories include roasting marshmallows by the backyard fireplace, chicken fights in the pool, and lots of homemade ice cream. Backyard trends are swiftly changing and today’s sophisticated backyard spaces have come a long way from Grandma’s picnic table and grill. 

The technical age along with the added stress of living has had a huge impact on outdoor living spaces and we are seeing these four backyard trends are a direct result:

Intentional Backyards

Random displays of birdbaths, feeders and lawn gnomes have given way to perfectly planned spaces that serve a specific and special purpose. Homeowners today value experiences over esthetics. They are foregoing the fancy knot gardens in favor of a place to gather and connect with friends. Our company has received an increase in requests from folks wanting entertaining areas such as outdoor fireplaces, al fresco dining spaces and swimming pools with intimate spa areas this year.

Backyard Patio

Eco-Friendly Backyard Trends

There is a huge concern for our environment these days and those feelings are translating to how our backyards are designed and which landscape materials used. More and more landscape designers have realized the importance of sustainable organic planning and are using health-conscious, energy-efficient and cost-saving methods. Today’s eco-friendly landscape will include drought-tolerant grass, organic mulch, permeable pavers, solar lighting, xeriscaping, synthetic grass (to eliminate pesticides, watering and mowing), food compost bins and rain barrels. The addition of eco-friendly products not only saves water, time and money but has less negative impact on nature and backyard wildlife. Homeowners are also using pest repellant plants rather than pesticides which can also destroy the bees. An effective and wonderful mosquito repellant is cedar and mint. 

Backyard Fireplace

Tech Smart Backyards

Sometimes having a great time in the backyard takes a little hard work. Homeowners are turning to technology to ease the load. Whether it is a smart-grill that knows exactly how long to cook your steak, or a robotic lawnmower to give you a little more time in the day, there is always something new coming out that will help to make your days outside easy and fun. A couple of our tech favorites are digital food thermometers (if you aren’t using the smart grill) and a mosquito trap that uses a combination of carbon dioxide emission, UV lighting to attract the bugs, and a small vacuum to suck them up for good. Speaking of making things easy, remote-controlled gas-burning fireplaces have become all the rage, as opposed to the traditional, yet classic, wood-burning fireplace. With a remote gas outdoor fireplace there’s no mess to clean or wasted time trying to get a fire going.  With the touch of a button, flickering flames emerge. Homeowners can enjoy conversation and warming by the fire instead of working, getting dirty to get a fire going.   

Backyard Pool

Nostalgic Outdoor Living

The mid-century modern craze has drifted to the outside. A definite outdoor living trend we’re seeing is a longing for ‘the good ole’ days’ and a need to recreate warm experiences. Many homeowners are requesting their new outdoor settings to include backyard movie theaters with huge screens, outdoor TV’s for football parties, fireplaces with seating for lots of friends and outdoor kitchens to gather and dine with those they love. 

Although outdoor living landscape projects can be pricey, homeowners know that a lifetime of great memories will continue long after that initial investment is forgotten. Coogan’s Design-Build has created thousands of backyard areas and would love to help you with yours. Call us today to schedule an appointment with a designer.