If you are like many homeowners, the warm months of spring and summer are your favorite time of year. You probably want to start the landscaping project you have had in mind since winter and finally have the chance to achieve your goal. For many people who want to enhance their yard, deciding what step to take first is the hardest part of any landscaping project they want to complete.

Our team will help you overcome that problem so that you can get the results of which you have been dreaming in no time, and we can guide you through each step if you need our support. The experts at Coogan’s Design Build  are ready to serve you in any way they can and look forward to working with you. The following guide contains the top factors you should consider when you would like to get the most from your next landscaping project.

1. How You Will Use Your Landscape

How Will You Use Your LandscapeBefore you take a single step forward, consider how you will use your landscape so that you can choose a path that matches your lifestyle and goals. Having your needs in mind from the start gives you a clear picture of what direction  makes the most sense for you. During this stage, you must also think of the style you wish to achieve. To get the most from your landscape, choose a look that matches and compliments the style of your home. Although the uses you have in mind can vary, some are more common than others:

  • Cooking
  • Relaxing
  • Swimming
  • Entertaining

2. Who Will Share Your Landscape

Now that you know how you will use your landscape, think about the people who will use it. You can craft an open area with plenty of outdoor furniture if you wish to host family gatherings and other events. If you want to give your children a fun place to play, make sure you leave room for swings, a slide and other playground equipment that will keep them entertained for hours.

Landscaping Maintenance3. How Much Maintenance You Are Willing to Do?

As you put your plan into action, think about the amount of time you are willing to invest in ongoing landscape maintenance. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for your landscape, don’t choose flowers and plants that require a lot of care. Those who don’t want to do extra work often opt for perennials so that they won’t need to do as much gardening. Learning about the plants you will use in your Charlotte landscaping project is another important factor.


4. Sunlight and Shade

If you want your landscape to survive and thrive for years to come, watch your yard for a few days to get an idea of how much sunlight it gets. Also, some plants and flowers need more sunlight than others, and you can use this fact to decide the placement of your plants. In addition to sunlight, you can keep a few other factors in mind as you plan your Charlotte landscaping project:

  • Shady areas
  • Wind Direction
  • Water Drainage
  • Views

You should also think about the way water flows and where it collects in your yard. Place the plants that need the most water in these areas to keep them in good health.

5. Plants Suited for Your Climate

People sometimes make the mistake of going online to buy plants they like but forget to account for the climate in which they are the most likely to thrive. Getting plants that can survive in your planting zone is the best option. You can determine your planting zone by the amount of rain you get and the average temperature in your area. If you don’t know your planting zone, find it through the National Gardening Association.

Landscape Soil Condition6. Consider Your Soil

The type of soil in your yard is an essential factor when it comes to the plants you will choose if you want to enjoy positive results. Your soil probably consists of sand, clay or rock, and a soil specialist can come to your property to run a few tests and let you know where you stand.

After all  things considered, you are now ready to make your vision a reality. Put your green thumb to work and craft a landscape of which anyone would be proud. If you get stuck or want a professional to give you a hand, give us a call. We have professional landscape designers on staff and the proper equipment to quickly and easily bring your vision to life. .

Contact Coogan’s Design Build, our professional and talented landscape design team can put together a landscape plan to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.