Your outdoor living project is FINALLY finished – you have invested time and money on a new beautiful backyard, BUT it is chilly outside. No need to hide inside, gazing through your living room window. Winters in the South are mild enough to allow enjoyment of your outdoor living paradise all year long. If old man winter is giving you the chill, retreat to your favorite outdoor living area to stay warm and cozy this winter. 

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Hot Bubbly Spa

On those days where it feels like you are chilled to the bone and nothing seems to get you warm, sinking into a heated spa is the perfect solution. The wonderfully warm waters have an amazing ability to drive out muscle soreness, work day stress, and melt away stuffy head colds. Couple that with the stunning beauty of a starry sky or falling snow and it’s no wonder homeowners are drawn to their Winter time spas like a moth to a flame. Aside from the obvious benefits of of how great a spa feels in the winter, there are additional health benefits that might surprise you. Studies show that immersing your body into a steaming hot tub can burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk (a total of 140 to be specific). The healing effects of heat can mimic the same as your body is raising its temperature to fight off microscopic cold and flu invaders. Moist steam can quickly clear a stuffy head. A spa only costs about a $1 a day to run, and heated bubbly water is wonderful in the winter!  So fla la la! Let’s jump in the spa!


Heated Covered Porch / Patio

Covered porches are typically associated with visions of coffee on the swing, flowers and summer breezes. However, with the mild seasons here in the south there’s no reason to forgo your favorite getaway. As a matter of fact, the climate statistics for winter time here in the Charlotte area shows that the cooler season not only rivals summer use but may indeed be the best time for spending time in your covered porch with the simple addition of an outdoor heater. Studies show average temperatures for the winter season here are a balmy 62, 53, 51, 55, and 63 degrees for the months of Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, and March respectively. Maybe that’s why the south is known for covered porches. 


Whether your idea of the perfect winter getaway is a rustic natural area with lots of wood and stone or a more of a modern setting donning sleek lines, and contemporary accessories in shades of white, gray and chrome, your options for creating a covered porch oasis are just about endless – and what better place to bring it to life than in your own backyard? A covered porch is the number one most popular home addition and a fantastic way to increase your home’s living space even in the winter. Porches have come a long way from that dusty screened in area at grandma’s house. Todays covered porches are beautiful, sophisticated outdoor rooms and can easily compete with the functionality and aesthetic of any indoor room. We’ve created

thousands of amazing covered porches over the past 3 decades and our designers would love to help you plan your new covered porch addition.

Outdoor Fireplace

Cozy Outdoor Fireplace

A crackling outdoor fireplace brings instant magic and warmth to your other wise chilly back yard. What better way to bring the whole family together? We all know some of the best memories are made around a fire, but outdoor fireplaces have other advantages as well.

Because outdoor fireplaces are wildly popular in Charlotte, investing in one of these fabulous structures can actually add monetary value to your home. Depending on the size, an outdoor fireplace ranges in costs from $8,000 for a smaller one to as high as $30,000 for an oversized custom stone fireplace that includes curved seating walls, wood storage, built in low voltage lighting,  gas line, chimney pots and smart features. 

Whether it’s a family cookout, entertaining a crowd, or curling up with a mug of cider or stargazing, an outdoor fireplace adds a special ambiance to any occasion. Discover the joy of an outdoor fireplace in your backyard. We’re sure you’ll find it’s an investment that is well worth it.