Today’s advanced technology has brought amazing and helpful changes to our daily lives, but studies show that 74% of people surveyed in 2018 still felt overwhelming amounts of stress. This abundance of chronic stress has created a strong desire for a physical  escape and has had a strong impact on outdoor living trends. Our landscape design consultants have noticed over the past few years a significant increase in request for ‘happy’ environments to relieve tension, connect with family and friends or simply to recuperate with a good book alfresco. Keep reading for a sneak peek of Coogan’s Design Build  outdoor living trends prediction for 2019!

High Tech Kitchens For Easy, Relaxing Entertaining

Crusty charcoal grills and flimsy aluminum chairs were once OK for backyard entertaining, but today’s standards call for aesthetics, modern convenience and the latest in technology. Dining outdoors makes every meal easy, especially in a perfectly planned outdoor kitchen. The chef can now savor a glass of bubbly while enjoying heartfelt conversation with friends instead of running back and forth to and from the house.  Delightful additions such as warming trays, ice makers, and even outdoor dishwashers provide what’s needed for quick, easy meal prep and cleanup.

Outdoor Fireplaces for Intimate Gatherings

As the sun sets and temperatures drop, we cherish the hearth. Flickering flames stoke something primal, a need to gather and congregate with friends. A stately outdoor fireplace is the perfect place to unwind at the end of a stressful day. Cares seems to melt away with the smell of roasted marshmallows and and the sound of fire. Don’t blame us if your guest never want to leave this intimate fireplace setting.

Secret Spaces, Private Places

Nothing lowers blood pressure faster than the cooling effect of lush landscaping or a secret garden. Like a beautiful work of art, a well planned garden draws you in and refreshes the senses. A good landscape architect knows how to combine lush botanicals, spilling water and dense trees for privacy to create a delightful oasis to enjoy anytime you want. There are many options to create privacy in your backyard. The important thing is to make sure you and the designer are on the same page so that you secret backyard is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

Saltwater Pools Built for Both Exercise and Play

Whether it’s a splashing waterfall or a serene dipping pool tucked away in the garden, water has always been the place to escape. Relaxing saltwater pools have gained popularity over the years, not only because saltwater is less harsh than regular pool chemicals, but also because the water maintains its clarity much better with silky soft saltwater. There is also no stinky smell of chlorine, and the water is much easier on your skin and eyes. Homeowners love  the advantage of lower annual cost than a traditional pool needing expensive chemicals. Pool lovers know it is much easier to exercise in a pool when you don’t have to worry with water drying out your skin, and it is much more enjoyable to spend leisure time when your eyes aren’t burning with each splash of water.