Adding a body of water can bring an amazing new dimension to your backyard. Before pulling the trigger on your new outdoor swimming pool project it’s important to explore the possibilities to find the perfect fit for you. The following are examples of the 4 most popular types of pools based on appearance and function. All of these pools are constructed of gunite.

The Lap Pool

Swimming pool slide

If fitness is your priority then a lap pool might be a good choice. Lap pools are long and narrow with a minimum depth of 3.5 feet. Although they can be as long as your property will allow, they should be at least 40 feet long. The end walls must be parallel to each other and flat to provide a good surface to push off from. A defined lap line can be painted or tiled on the bottom and turning targets can be placed on the end wall to aid in reversing direction. The standard lap pool progresses from 3.5 feet to 5 feet in the deep end, but if the pool is going to be used for water aerobics the pool only needs to be 4 feet deep.

The Waterscape

A waterscape pool is a pool made for entertaining, with lots of different features and can be very large. This pool is planned with lots of activity and fun for both children and adults. This is the most dramatic type pool and it can transform your backyard into a beautiful natural aquatic paradise.  Your swimming pool designer can plan your new pool with for variety activities. Popular features typically included are waterfalls, slides, bridges, fountains, spas, grottos and beaches. Elaborate landscaping and dramatic lighting add to the drama making the pool even more beautiful at night.

The Vanishing Edge Pool

The vanishing edge pool is most often used to enhance a combined view of the pool and an amazing large scale view. The visual trick is to design the pool so that no walls are evident between the pol and the view behind the pool. The result is the pool and the background become one for a truly amazing effect.

The Naturalistic Pool

This is the pool for nature lovers. The emphasis is on form and landscaping to accomplish a lush, organic look. Boulders and stones are strategically place to resemble a natural setting. The interior is a dark finish and spilling waterfalls are a common feature.  This pool has many curves and lush botanicals to help achieve the natural effect. The end result is a fabulous place to escape and relax.