There’s nothing like resort living in your own backyard.

A pool transforms ordinary outdoor space into an inviting oasis for family and friends. It creates the perfect ambience for fun, relaxation and romance. With the right design and materials, an inground pool is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

For durability, versatility and good looks, a gunite pool is hard to beat. Here are some of the many advantages:

Gunite Is Long-Lasting

Gunite is simply a mixture of cement, sand and water.

After the excavation, a steel rebar framework is put in place for stability. The gunite is then sprayed into the mold from a high-pressure hose. As it dries, it hardens to form a sturdy, impact-resistant structure. It’s so tough that no wooden framework is needed to support a gunite pool, but it’s flexible enough to easily withstand natural shifting and settling in the soil.

Gunite pools are so sound and long-lasting that they typically come with better warranties than other types of pools.

Gunite Is Versatile

A fiberglass pool is prefabricated to a specific shape. That’s rather limiting for people who have their own idea of a backyard paradise.

Since you choose the pool’s shape, size, depth and location with gunite inground pool, the design possibilities are endless. The free-form pool that you envision can be integrated into your existing landscape. It will blend into the natural surroundings as though it has always been there.

Gunite Finishes Are Distinctive

Continue to personalize your pool by choosing from a diverse assortment of textures and colors. Whether you prefer a pebbly, rustic look or an eye-catching shimmer, we have a finish that will complement your landscape and express your personal style.

Not only are gunite finishes aesthetically pleasing, but they last years longer than old-style pool plaster.

Gunite Pools Allow Cutting-Edge Designs

With gunite pools, the pool design choices never look like afterthoughts. We’ll work with you throughout the creative process to harmoniously blend the elements you desire. And since Gunite pools are built onsite, the design possibilities are endless.

Here are some of our most requested features:

Swimming pool zero edge

Vanishing Edge

Water spills over the pool’s far end for a striking effect and greater visibility of your surroundings.

Sheer Descent Waterfall & Grotto

Nothing takes the edge off like the sound of a waterfall. Let us create a restful grotto behind a solid sheet of falling water.

Swim-up Bar

Have snacks, cold drinks or dinner without ever leaving the pool. We can seamlessly integrate a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen.

Tanning Ledge

Just a few inches of water will keep you cool as you sun on the ledge itself or in a low lounge chair.

Salt Chlorination

This a gentle, low-maintenance way to sanitize your pool. Saltwater pools have fewer chemicals and are easier on your skin and eyes. There’s no harsh chlorine odor. Best of all, you’ll never come out of the water with green hair.

Pool ColorsColored lighting

Delight your family and guests at night with colors that range from dreamy to dazzling.

Automated Controls & Remote Systems

Program, view and control your various inground pool systems from your smartphone or laptop. Jandy Automation saves time, effort and up to 70 percent on energy costs.

If there’s one downside to owning a gunite pool, it’s having to eventually leave the water. Start designing your unique aquascape today.

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