The decision to install an inground swimming pool in your backyard will greatly improve your quality of life. However,it’s  get caught up in the excitement and forget to consider what’s still needed in the area around the pool. This area will greatly affect the overall look and feel of your new pool, so it is important to select the right theme for your taste.

Consider the following options when you are planning a fabulous and creative inground pool landscaping plan:

Inground Pool PlantersPlants

Vegetation is a huge part of the aesthetic of the entire area around the pool. There are many types of plants that can add a sense of atmosphere to the area with their shapes, colors and textures. Use potted plants, like annuals and flowering perennials when you want to embellish empty spaces around the pool. Brightly colored annuals  can add a lot of charm without requiring much space, and this makes them ideal for that final touch. The pots can also be decorative, and this helps to keep visual interest. Decorative containers can also be selected to complement the overall theme. Examples include pots made of clay for an oasis theme, or blue pots can enhance a Mediterranean style. Modern themes often use square planting pots made from metal.


Use large planters for dedicated spaces that can be loaded up with tons of great smelling flowers, shrubs, ferns and durable botanicals. The planter functions to easily contain runoff so that dirt does not get into the pool. It also adds visual interest by creating a pretty multi-level effect.

Inground Pool Grass AreasGrass

Empty spaces around the pool are often completed with sodded grass, which can instantly transform a muddy area to a fabulous green expanse.

Privacy Elements

The landscape around the pool can be customized to provide maximum privacy. This will allow you to enjoy your pool without being disturbed by the idea of neighbors watching you swim, lounge or tan. Great examples include fencing, trees, evergreen shrubs. A perimeter fence can double as a safety mechanism while also guarding your pool area against straying eyes. Tall trees and shrubs can be planted strategically as a part of the landscape design, and this will improve your privacy while adding visual interest to the area. These elements can also be used to add shade to key areas.

Landscape Lighting

The lights around your pool will ass instant drama, but it will also greatly enhance safety. Popular examples of landscape lighting include flood lights, solar-powered lights, mood lighting and up-lights. Up-lights are placed next to a particularly attractive plant  to draw attention. They can also be used to spot light fountains, trees or attractive latticework.

Inground Pool Boulder AccentsBoulders

These can be either real or fabricated objects that look like the boulders found in deserts. Some people will select real boulders for this aesthetic design, but the price tag might be higher. The boulders can be used to create waterfalls or provide the general atmosphere of a desert, and your pool will become the oasis. Be careful when using boulders because they need to blend in with the overall theme in order to remain effective.

Patios, Coping and Walkways

Anchor your inground pool with the equivalent of a foundation, and it also functions as a connection from one area to another. Patios and walkways help to unify the design while coping materials cap the shelf or wall of the pool.


Consider this option if you are overwhelmed by the number of options available for your pool deck. The travertine paver deck is a staple because it provides advantages that make it a reliable choice. It is easy to replace or remove in the event that some damage occurs. The appearance can be easily customized with patterns and ornamental designs. The non-slip surface areas improve safety, and the durable materials resist cracking during the coldest months of the year. They will even remain cool during the hot summer months, so this feature is most beneficial.


This is a fabulous option if you require an exceptional design for your landscape. The versatility of pavers is well-known, and you can enjoy a natural or customized design to fit into any theme. Pavers work amazingly well in any setting, and this includes the modern styles as well as the oasis or Mediterranean themes. Pavers also blend well with steps, garden walls, outdoor kitchens and other design elements.

In summary, patios and walkways, landscape lighting, design elements and other techniques are available to provide the exact atmosphere that you desire. The design can be customized to perfectly fit your tastes, whether it includes a luscious, tropical setting or a mellow design that emphasizes privacy. Transform your inground pool with amazing landscaping elements, to insure privacy, enhance your safety and provide beauty for your new inground pool for years to come.

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