The demand for inground pools in Charlotte is booming. We’ve built hundreds of fabulous pools and we have grown to love certain features that make a pool truly spectacular.

Here are some of our favorites pool features:

Easy Pool Automation

With today’s cutting edge technology, you can turn on lights, change music and even heat your inground pool from the comfort of your chair with a  waterproof remote. This handheld device is simple to set up, user friendly and easily connects to your personal wifi. If you’re looking to control your pool while you’re not home this system can be set up to work with your phone, tablet or computer.

Keeping your pool clean is an important part of keeping it beautiful. A pre-programmed automated timer turns the pool equipment on and off when needed which frees you from having to think about it. With a time clock, the pump circulates water, the filter removes impurities, and the heater warms the water at pre-set times so you can be sure your pool or spa is going through its normal cleaning cycle even if you are not home. Pre-programmed clocks also can be used for other things, such as turning on decorative lights and fountains.

Underwater Light Show

There is nothing more majestic than watching a pool light up at night. As the sun sets and the stars come out what could be more fun than swimming in a pool lit up with dazzling colors of violet, pink and green? Fiber optics can be used to create an effect of twinkling underwater stars. Back in the day incandescent light was a popular choice, but with the introduction of LED and fiber optics homeowners have more eye catching options to create a beautiful underwater display.

Underwater Light Show

Pool Slides

Want to make a splash at your pool party? Add a sliding board and it’s guaranteed to take Summer time fun to the next level!  One of the hottest trends in Charlotte pools now are water slides in all shapes, sizes. Even tunneling through boulders! A quiet still pool screams for a big splash and flying down a slippery slide is the best way to take the plunge.

Water slides are best installed during pool construction, but you can always add a slide later. To attach a slide to the pool deck, the builder will either drill holes in the deck and set the legs of the slide in concrete or sink fasteners in the concrete and then attach the slide to the fasteners. In either case, it is a good idea to make sure the slide is securely attached to the deck. The addition of water running down the slide makes the surface more slippery but running a water line from the house can be wasteful. The extra water from the hose could increase the water level to a point where you will have to drain it. Attaching a line to the pool’s circulation system is a better idea and is hands free.

Inground Pool Slide & Pool Waterfall

Pool Waterfalls, Fountains and Sheer Descents

Turn your swimming pool from drab to fab with the addition of waterfalls fountains and descents. Splashing water creates drama and the sounds of being in a lush tropical paradise. For the addition of splashing water, you will need a pump that is the right size for your project. The least-expensive pumps usually have the shortest lifespan and tend to clog easily.

If you choose to add a waterfall it’s important to keep it in scale with your pool size. A small trickle in a large pool won’t be very dramatic. On the other hand, you don’t want a huge crashing waterfall to dominate a smaller sized pool. Many homeowners choose to  add sheer descents along the edge of their pool which is a great alternative. This is a wide, thin curtain of water which provides a more soothing sound. But if a plashing, gushing sound is what you love then direct the water through a narrow gap between large boulders and allow it to spill down from a high level. A  hollow space behind the falls, such as a grotto, will amplify and echo the sound of falling water and also provide a cool place to shelter from the sun.

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