At Coogan’s Design-Build we know that a well planned pool design is critical to the long term function and enjoyment of your new inground swimming pool. Your successful project begins with a consultation with our skilled designers who will collaborate with you to explore your lifestyle and vision. Our  goal a plan that’s perfect for your backyard: the exact pool size, shape, placement with any extra features you may want with your pool. Coogan’s has designed and constructed hundreds of inground pools and can provide you with innovative ideas, inspiration and workable solutions for your backyard dream. We can also help you with the placement and integration of multiple hardscape structures around your pool such as an outdoor kitchen, pool house, pergola or cozy fireplace. With Coogan’s Design-Build you can be sure your pool design will have a planned, natural flow, will adhere to important legal requirements and will provide a workable solution for your beautiful new oasis. Our autocad design along with a 3D rendering will include every detail to make sure the plan you purchase is exactly what you invisioned. After the plan is approved by you, we’ll provide you with a clear, easy to understand contract and request a deposit to secure the next available spot on our schedule. The excitement of transforming your backyard is about to begin!

inground pools with fire bowls

There are an abundance of special features that can be included while creating your custom pool design. Here are a few of Coogan’s Design-Build’s favorites:


A vanishing edge creates a truly striking effect which is created by a lack of coping on part of the inground pool.

Water spills over the pool’s far end into a hidden trough beneath, creating a foreground that blends seamlessly with the view in the background. If you are lucky enough to have a hillside or raised waterfront site, consider a vanishing edge pool as a breathtakingly beautiful feature.


Salt Chlorination Systems are a popular and convenient way to maintain your inground pool. Salt water swimming pools are known for being low maintenance and will deliver a constant pure chlorine-based sanitation. Saltwater pools also have fewer chemicals, it’s softer on the skin and it won’t cause red eyes or green hair.

Inground Pool Waterfall


Add colored lighting to your pool to change ordinary pool water into water that comes alive at night with fantastic colors. Lighting can transform your pool into a magical feeling environment that will have a lasting impression.


Outdoor kitchens can be built right into the edge of the pool. Thirsty swimmers love swimming right up to the bar for refreshments or a meal without ever having to leave the water.


A tanning ledge allows you to relax comfortably in your pool in only a few inches of water, allowing you to have lounge chairs with umbrellas or whatever you would like.


A sheer descent waterfall creates a solid sheet of water pouring from the spillway. Combine this with a grotto and seating to experience the perfect escape from the stresses of daily life.


Operating and maintaining your inground swimming pool has never been simpler with the recent ability to view and control  your pool’s system from your phone or laptop. This automation allows you to program the pool’s circulation and cleaning cycles, lighting and heater. Our customers found that with Jandy Automation they can save up to 70% on their pools energy costs, and they love having super easy, automated push button control of every aspect of their swimming pool.