Coogan’s Design-Build has constructed hundreds of beautiful pools and we understand the importance of an amazing design and uncompromised construction standards. We’ve worked hard to earn a glowing reputation for fabulous quality swimming pools in Charlotte and our five star ratings reflect this. 

Purchasing a backyard pool is a big decision. Coogan’s Design-Build is a skilled pool builder you can trust for a beautiful, watertight pool. Our pools are built to last up for 100 years and every pool we construct comes with an amazing lifetime warranty!  With Coogan’s it’s comforting to know that your project will be installed under the close attention of a licensed General Contractor who has decades of experience in construction. Excellence is our goal which is why our pools are beautiful, well built and within budget, leaving you with the thrilling pool you dreamed of!  

Choose our team and you can rest assured that our skilled professionals will quickly and easily handle any issues that may arise and will provide timely information on the progress of your pool. In addition to this you will be given access to our project management portal. With this system you are able to login any time, day or night, to view your projects construction timeline. Our customers get timely updates on exactly what has been completed and what is scheduled for the coming weeks. Coogan’s Design-Build Construction Project Managers are seasoned professionals and know how to take care of all the critical details such as permits, easements, grade, utility location, HOA approvals, soil quality testing and anything else needed to keep your pool project clipping along. 

Now is a great time to build a pool and Coogan’s Design-Build would love to get you on our schedule. Call us today at 704-889-1500 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our pool specialists! We make pool and spa construction easy!


Step 1 – Excavation

After procurement of permits and HOA approval, the dig process for your inground pool begins. The amount of time needed to complete the excavation is usually 1-3 days depending on how accessible your property is. Using transits, engineering devices, backhoes, and dump trucks we begin digging the shape of your new inground pool with close attention to the depths and exact dimension specified on your landscape design plan.

Step 2 –Steel Installation

Steel reinforcement bars (or rebar) are put in place to increase the tensile strength of the pool shell. The steel is installed in a grid pattern. Steel bar can range from 3/8″ diameter to 1/2″ diameter depending on the requirements for your pool shape and conditions.  Concrete spacers ensure the steel is properly installed and that the concrete will completely surround each bar. Your inground pool will soon have the structural strength and the integrity to withstand high levels of stress and pressure. The steel is electrically bonded and connected to the pool equipment.  The first pool inspection is scheduled for the next day.

Step 3 – Pool Shell

The next step is shooting the concrete (also known as shotcrete or gunite) which transforms a muddy crevice into the beginnings of an inground swimming pool. This is also when we build elaborate waterfalls, grottos, benches or any custom features.  We usually allow 14 days for the pool shell to cure before moving to the next step. While curing, we turn our attention to other phases of construction, such as pool equipment installation.

Step 4 – Plumbing and Electrical 

Next our pool construction team will dig trenches around the pool for all underground plumbing and electrical conduit. Typical pool plumbing is a durable 2″ schedule 40 pipe, which is the same type as used for house plumbing. The pump, filter, heater, skimmer, and all major valves are set and pressurized.  Once the electrical conduit is inspected the trench is filled and compacted.

Step 5 – Pool Equipment 

After the pool plumbing is complete the mechanical components are brought in along with all the necessary electrical work. We use top quality pool equipment which is why Jandy brand is chosen for all of our newly constructed swimming pools. The new equipment is then tied into the pool plumbing that has already been stubbed out from the pool shell. After completion all underwater lights, pool pumps, heaters and control systems will be connected to the circuit breakers.

Step 6 – Tile, Coping and Water Features

After the 14 day cure time has passed a band of ceramic tile preselected by you is now applied to the inside edge of your inground pool beam. This allows for easy cleaning at the water line. Popular swimming pool tiles today are made of glittering glass, stone, and porcelain. Next we add the pool coping which is usually made of brick, precast stone, travertine, or some type of natural stone. 

Step 7 – Pool Decking

The swimming pool deck gets lots of activity and it’s a perfect place for outdoor furniture, sunbathing, and snacks. With so much use, especially with wet swimsuits still dripping from the pool, it’s important that your pool decking is not only attractive but safe. Pool decking should be heat resistant, easy on bare feet, and not slippery. We only use quality patio products supplied by Belgard or Techo-bloc that will still look great long term. Other popular choices are concrete pavers, stone and travertine with it’s cool to the touch property and resort feel. Prior to the pool deck construction a bonding wire is placed under the decking material and closely inspected.

Step 8 – Pool Surface Interior Finish

The final step is applying a beautiful durable interior finish to your inground pool. There are many types of gorgeous finishes available ranging from exposed aggregate, colored glass beads, pebble and an array of colored swimming pool tiles. Whether it’s a standard white finish or premium blend of Pebble Tec®, Coogan’s always uses high quality products for long lasting  and durable ingound pool applications.

Step 9 – Filling & Start-up

Your new ingound pool is now ready to be filled!  Coogan’s will now start all pool equipment to begin pumping, filtering, and circulating the newly added water. We then add the necessary chemicals to start the water balancing process. Our crew is there to get the water moving as quickly as the pool is getting filled.  We usually recommend bulk water delivery to expedite the filling process and minimize the risk of plaster damage. Please note that the plaster must cure for 30 days before the inground pool heater is turned on. Our pools are equipped with the newest technology so you can enjoy running your new pool and spa remotely. We use the Jandy AquaLink automation system for complete pool and spa control. With this system every function of your pool can be controlled including jets, lights, pool/spa switching, jet speeds and heater.  Discover the pleasure of starting your spa before leaving work so it’s warm and waiting when you arrive home.

Step 10 – Jump in!

It’s finally time to enjoy your beautiful new pool. Your project manager is happy to walk you through the easy operation of your pool equipment and show you how to keep the water balanced and clean. Coogan’s is just a phone call away to answer any later questions you might have about the care and use of your new outdoor living paradise.