Nothing beats a pool for backyard fun, but a pool house will completely transform your backyard into a spectacular vacation spot! Over the past three decades Coogan’s has constructed hundreds of fabulous pool houses for homeowners in Charlotte and our skilled designers love creating beautiful functional retreats. Our pool houses are perfectly planned by a licensed architect and they are constructed on time and on budget. The process starts with a visit to your property for a site evaluation and to explore your dreams and ideas. This meeting will leave you feeling enlightened and inspired with a sense of exciting possibilities. Your pool house designer will then create and present to you a design concept. If approved, we move forward with a concept review meeting. This meeting fine tunes the details of your pool house plan, specific building materials and design elements. When you are ready to proceed with the construction of your pool house, a quote is presented. The exciting plans to ‘break ground’ begin once the contract is accepted and signed.  

Coogan’s is a one source provider, which means we coordinate every aspect of your pool house construction relieving you stressful details. With our turn-key services, your designated project manager will handle construction documents, engineering, submitting permits, HOA approval, grading, drainage and anything else necessary for a successful end result. During the construction of your pool house you will be given online access to our building schedule software. This shows the progression of the many integrated aspects, the construction timeline and future scheduling of your project. Our clients love logging in to view exactly what’s been done and what’s still ahead. Your designated Project Manager and the owner are always available for any questions.

View a photo gallery of some of our Charlotte area custom Pool Houses & Porches.

Our design-build team can easily construct almost any pool house or cabana you can imagine for your backyard complete with cutting edge kitchens, sound systems, and remote controlled lighting. During your visit your designer will show you past projects similar to what you have in mind. You will view pool houses designed with living quarters, swim up bars, fully loaded kitchens with all the modern conveniences you would expect for your home. It’s good to know that your custom pool house will not only increase your home’s resale value, but will take dinner parties and family fun to a fabulous new level.

Coogan’s Design Build is a licensed general contractor in Charlotte, NC that specializes in transforming unused spaces into sensational outdoor living areas. With over 42 years of service to Charlotte area homeowners and thousands of outdoor projects, Coogan’s has built a solid reputation for integrity, intelligent design and quality construction.

When the weather warms up, move the party out of the house and into a fun, functional pool house or cabana by the pool. Coogan’s Design-Build can construct a living space that will transform your backyard into a tropical vacation spot. 

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