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Whether you’ve just purchased a home that needs updating, or your existing home needs additional space, Coogan’s Design-Build offers functional solutions to bring your vision to life.  Although the thought of renovating your home can feel a bit daunting, our seasoned professionals understand and can easily tackle the complicated details of permitting, city codes and best building practices. Once your needs and desires are prioritized and a realistic budget is established you’ll be well on your way to creating an amazing new living space. Our renovation experts will provide you with eye catching designs, clever storage solutions and fresh sophisticated ideas specific to your famly’s needs. Coogan’s Design-Build has over three decades as a licensed General Contractor and our designers hold degrees in architectural design. If you’re ready to create a striking new living space, call the renovation experts who are skilled at design-build.

Call for an appointment. Coogan’s Design-Build make’s home renovation easy!