Landscape Design


After three decades and thousands of customers we have spent countless hours rescuing clients from disappointing projects created for them from self labeled ‘designers’ who were never trained and not really designers at all. In fact their involvement actually cost the client time, anguish and money.  Every beautiful and successful landscape project must start with an intelligent design and a well thought out plan. A myriad of things must be considered including sunlight, drainage, soil conditions, long term growth of considered botanicals and climate zone. A properly planned landscape design pays a critical role in establishing exact scope, proximity and placement of chosen hardscape and softscape elements. Precise measurements, scaled to the inch can perfectly capture a concept on paper and establish boundaries and eliminate costly mistakes.

Our skilled professionals have a passion for transforming dreams into reality and their skills ensure optimal design, project integrity, safe procedures and a relief in knowing the project will be planned and constructed correctly the first time. A landscape designer or landscape architect from our design team is available by appointment meet with you to explore your vision for your new landscape design project. This first meeting can be held at your residence or in our office. During this collaboration you’ll be inspired by fresh and innovative outdoor landscape design ideas and advice on the best plants to use. Any thoughts or concerns will be addressed during this appointment as well as the potential that your property can achieve through future improvements. After this meeting, your ideas, thoughts and visions are transformed into a perfectly planned architectural landscape design created just for you. This landscape design is then presented for your approval or adjustment before construction is initiated.

Our customers are always happy to discover that Coogan’s Design Build  is a one source provider which means we are able to offer all design services needed for residential landscape projects no matter what the size, nature or scope. Our clients know that their residential landscape design project will be perfectly planned for optimum function, layout and dimensions. To ensure lasting beauty, only quality plant and building materials are always used. Coogan’s stands behind their work providing a full one year warranty on every plant we install.
With landscape design the whole is always more important than the parts. Every feature has either a positive or negative impact on the site and the overall surroundings. Trained and competent architects never arbitrarily place trees, shrubs, flowers stones or statuary unless they truly serve a functional purpose or are essential to the creation of the space. Our award winning landscape design team hold degrees in residential design. They also have years of experience planning thousands of residential landscape design plans in and around the Charlotte area. This includes landscape design master plans, planting plans, grading plans, permit drawings, construction documents, lighting and drainage plans. Whether you’re searching for a simple landscape plan or a large scale master plan with many elements, our landscape design consultants can help you discover the look, feel and function that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and your home. Coogan’s offers intelligent guidance to not only avoid costly mistakes but also save time, energy and money on your new project. We make professional landscape design easy!

Contact us or call our local office in Charlotte at 704-889-1500 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled landscape designers.

For ideas and landscape design inspiration check out our photos.