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Patios and walkways are one of the smartest investments you can make to your home’s landscape. Whether it’s a graceful stone sidewalk leading to a quiet garden spot or an inviting travertine patio used for summer cookouts with friends, every great backyard environment is anchored by a perfectly planned and well-placed hardscape. If your backyard is not getting used, we can take an uninviting area and quickly transform it into your favorite place to spend time at the end of the day.

There’s a lot to consider when planning your new patio or walkway but Coogan’s Design Build has constructed thousands of outdoor living areas and we have the skills and equipment to quickly and efficiently get it done.  Our professionals provide the perfectly planned design, and our crews are trained in the proper patio construction methods delivering beautiful and long lasting end results.

patios and walkways with fountain

A Perfectly Planned Patio or Walkway

How the spaces in your yard are integrated with patios and walkways is of utmost importance; whether it is gardening, a path connecting two areas, seating or entertaining, the design needs to flow and feel natural. Our  landscape designers understand how to construct patios and walkways so that every part of the outdoor design should have a specific place and function.

A good landscape architect plans to avoid water runoff and drainage issues and can properly angle the patio or walkway  material to ensure that water runs away from the home’s foundation. In some cities this type project may require a permit. Our professionals can advise you of local permitting requirements and are happy to file the paperwork on your behalf.

Plans for your new patio should always take into consideration your needs and how you’ll be using your new outdoor space. Will it be close to an inground pool or a garden? Does it need to connect to an outdoor kitchen, need to be wheelchair accessible and kid-friendly? Our landscape designers will create a plan that addresses all the important issues beforehand. We’ll create a plan that will integrate your existing home, landscaping and trees. We’ll also discuss sight lines and your view from your homes windows and doors. One of the final decisions to be made will be materials used. There are many beautiful choices from natural stone to pavers to pea gravel since color and pattern are important for the new patio hardscape to blend well with the existing feel of the home.

brick path

Proper Patio & Walkway Construction

We’ve received hundreds of calls over the years from frustrated homeowners who were left with sinking pavers, damaged tree roots, or worse still, water issues affecting the home’s foundation. Patios and walkways that are installed from untrained contractors is risky and can end up costing the homeowner double what it would have cost to have a qualified landscape contractor the first time. Coogans provides the structural engineering requirements necessary for a solid patio or hardscape.

Choose Coogan’s Design Build and you will have the assurance of a professionally planned and well constructed outdoor living area backed by a full warranty.

Contact us or call our local office in Charlotte at 704-889-1500 for a free home consultation.  We make patio and walkway construction easy!