Landscape Design


Coogan’s Design Build is skilled at transforming unusable outdoor areas into sensational outdoor living spaces. Since 1982 thousands of homeowners have chosen Coogan’s to install their landscape knowing that their project will be planned by landscape professionals, providing beautiful and long lasting results. When investing in landscape installation, it’s wise to choose experts that understand the critical factors involved in creating a thriving outdoor environment and can easily handle any challenges that may arise.

We know that you have many choices in Charlotte for  landscape installation for your home, but there are many reasons not to choose the first available company or the lowest bidder.

Landscape Design

We Have Years of Experience

Our professionals are trained to see the unseen. Our architects are artists and can create a landscape masterpiece in your backyard.

We provide you with a carefully planned design along  with the quality installation needed to create exactly what you want depending on your needs and vision. Hire Coogan’s and you will get the benefit of whole team of specialists: a Landscape Architect who creates your perfect landscape design, a horticulturist who will oversee your project and a trained landscape installation crew to properly install thriving healthy  plants. We can easily handle critical details and challenging decisions, such as proper grades, easements, site planning, legal restrictions, soil requirements and selection of the perfect botanicals.

Budget Conscious Landscape Planning

We are sensitive to your budget and will work hard to give you the best results for the amount you are comfortable spending. Because we are experts in installation and plant material we already know what is available, what can be done and for how much. If you choose to do it yourself you may find yourself in over your head with heavy construction details causing you to easily overspend. You know your landscape installation project will be finished in the shortest amount of time possible with a professional.

Avoid Costly Landscape Installation Mistakes

In order for someone to be classified as a landscape installation expert they must be trained and have years of hands on experience. This means that seasoned professionals have a thorough knowledge of plants, soil conditions, proper installation grade and water conditions. The same can’t be said for an inexperienced startup with a goal to under bid the professional simply to schedule work. Cutting corners to save money can end up causing the homeowner problems in the long run correcting drainage issues, replacing wrong type plants or worse still loss of large trees due to root damage. Professionals know that a solid foundation and proper planning is the key to a well built landscape project.

We’re Here for You

After your landscape installation project is finished, we will still be here for you. Our customers have the piece of mind knowing that all their newly installed plant materials come with a complete one year warranty and we are happy to replace any plants that did not make it through the winter or possibly a drought. We are always available to help and any questions or concerns will be quickly taken care with just a phone call. Other companies often do not offer plant warranties and won’t be available when you call them with a concern. As trained professionals we have transformed thousands of residential properties into beautiful backyard environments and we can do the same for you.

Invest in your landscape and watch it grow! We make it easy. Contact us today to talk about your landscape installation project!