Professional landscaping is one of the few things that is truly worth the investment of time and money. It’s extremely rewarding to watch your investment literally grow over the years, increasing the value of your home and adding lush beauty to your residential outdoor surround. As a skilled residential landscaping company in Charlotte, you can be assured of a well-planned and properly installed landscape. We can quickly and easily transform the appearance of your front or back yard. The advantages of hiring a design-build company to install your landscape are abundant and the process falls into three distinct categories: landscape design, plant installation, care and maintenance. 

Landscape Design:

Our designers are gifted at transforming ordinary outdoor areas into spaces that you will long to spend time in – a magical moonlit garden or sunny retreat, alive with color and sounds of water. Share your vision and we can bring it to life. With years of architectural training and thousands of successful landscape plans, our designers know the secrets of transforming an empty yard into an enticing getaway or fabulous place to entertain.  Incredible landscapes don’t happen randomly. They must be thoughtfully planned. The landscaping we provide starts with an intelligent design. This includes client expectations; topography, soil, water, and weather conditions. He also deals with obtaining a site map, needed permits, legal constraints and the selection of proper botanicals. Plants will be chosen based on the specific environment of your yard and projected long term growth. After hours of measuring, drawing and researching the best mix of botanicals, our designer will present a masterplan landscape design created just for you. This is a workable plan with precision scale. This design is a critical factor needed for the proper placement of each plant that is to be installed by our landscape team.

Proper Landscape Installation:

We start with only the healthiest botanicals. Coogan’s will only use healthy plants from the best plant nurseries for your yard. There are endless choices including deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, vines, groundcovers and flowers. The possibilities are endless. After the chosen plants are installed, we leave you with a full one year warranty.  At Coogan’s we know the best time of the year for planting botanicals is the spring and early fall. The most difficult time for a new plant to survive is during the hottest part of the summer, so this time frame should be avoided if possible. Newly planted trees, shrubs, flowers and grass need a couple months of mild weather and lots of water to penetrate roots deep into the soil before harsh conditions hit. One exception would be balled and burlapped or potted trees. They can be planted almost any time of the year with good success, but spring and fall are still the preferred planting times. We use both heirloom and new varieties of plants depending on our customer’s preference. Our experience has found that the new plant varieties have much to offer in terms of disease resistance, cold hardiness and beautiful colors. 

Care and Maintenance:

Your new landscape, just like any living thing, needs nourishment to survive. During the first 6 months to a year it’s important to give your new plants the attention they need to flourish. Your routine should include feeding, watering, mulching and possibly pruning depending on the plant. During the spring and summer months it’s highly important to water for new growth and establishment. The amount of watering will depend on the plant, it’s stage of growth, time of year and weather conditions. Your Project Manager will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Since 1982, Coogan’s Landscape has been known for professionally designed outdoor environments and we can provide everything needed for a beautiful new landscape for your home. There is a quiet confidence knowing your project will be planned by a skilled architect and installed by a horticulturalist because our goal is a perfect and long lasting result. We understand a new landscape project can be challenging. Whether you have a new home or are giving your old landscape a facelift, Coogan’s Design-Build would love to help. We make it easy!

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